**NEW FROM DIANAX** Rapid and accurate COVID-19 antibody testing at the point of need.
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That’s what patients and physicians want.

Immediate access to accurate diagnostic tests that directly impact the lives of patients and allow healthcare providers to make informed and effective clinical decisions.

How it WorksInvest in dianax

When testing for COVID-19, physicians and patients need to KNOW NOW


dianax is on a mission to create a step change in COVID-19 diagnostics by enabling clinical tests to happen ANYWHERE, ANYTIME and for ANYONE. 

We have partnered with experts in rapid diagnostics – BioSpeedia (a spin-off of Institut Pasteur) – to bring to market a reliable test for rapid detection and differentiation of antibodies to novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. The COVID19SEROSpeed-IgM-IgG Rapid Test is now distributed by dianax in Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Greece, Spain and Portugal.

Coming soon… the latest innovation in COVID-19 testing from dianax. Pan-European studies are underway to validate the dianax COVID KnowNow solution, combining the convenience of rapid, reliable antibody testing with the analytical power and connectivity of the dianax COVID-AI platform.*

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No.1 start-up at BigBooster International Start-Up Acceleration Program

dianax are proud to announce being nominated No.1 out of the 250 startups participating from Europe, Middle East and Africa.

From infectious diseases to metabolic disorders, our revolutionary lab-on-a-chip* puts diagnostics in the palm of your hand – literally – by working in synergy with your smartphone.

By bringing laboratory-grade disease screening, diagnosis and monitoring to the patient, dianax is taking diagnostics straight to the POINT OF NEED. For the first time ever – patients and physicians will be able to KNOW NOW.

Patients NEED easy and convenient ways to monitor their health ‘on the go’. Empowering patients to be a custodian of their own health has been shown to improve health outcomes1

Physicians NEED fast, reliable and accurate blood test results in order to determine the best course of action2

Payors NEED affordable diagnostics to support the wider shift towards decentralization, value-based healthcare and personalized (patient-centric) care3

There is no time to wait:
the time is NOW

We are seeing a tectonic shift in healthcare infrastructure as we know it, powered by the smartphone revolution, and dianax is at the cutting-edge of mobile diagnostic transformation. Our device may be tiny but the implications are immense. While HbA1c-glycated hemoglobin blood testing for diabetes is our primary focus, the dianax lab-on-a-chip can test any protein extracted from bodily fluids (blood, urine, saliva), and so has the potential to transform diagnostic testing across a number of therapy areas.

We believe that rapid detection combined with informed decision-making will optimize treatment and improve patient outcomes. From expediting the screening, diagnosis and management of chronic diseases, such as diabetes or anemia, to detecting bacterial respiratory infections to prevent overuse or misuse of antibiotics, dianax will bring fast, reliable and affordable diagnostics to the POINT OF NEEDanytime, anywhere, for anyone.

We understand that when it comes to people’s health, to KNOW NOW really does matter.

Across the world …

425 million


1 in 2

remains undiagnosed4

2 billion

people have iron deficiency anemia5


people are killed each year by antibiotic resistant infection6

Our Investors

The ongoing development of dianax lab-on-a-chip has been made possible thanks to investment from multiple sources.

Horizon 2020

We are indebted to those in the European Commission who recognized early on the extraordinary potential of our technology in changing the face of diagnostic testing and awarded a significant grant through their Horizon 2020 Program. This flagship initiative is designed to facilitate ‘breakthroughs, discoveries and world-firsts by taking great ideas from the lab to the market’, and we are committed to doing just that.

*Products/devices are under development but not yet approved for use. For investigational use only. 

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