Our Story

Our adventure began in 2013 when founder, Eugenio Iannone joined forces with designer, Giacomo Germani to develop the first lab-on-a-chip capable of bringing diagnostics to the patient.

With a degree in electronic engineering and over 35 years’ experience in the telecommunications industry at Cisco Systems and Pirelli Labs, Eugenio was adept at designing innovative products based on cutting-edge technologies. Then, the diagnosis of a genetic renal disease changed his life completely. With over four years on dialysis and trips to the hospital every other day, his life was effectively on hold until he finally received a kidney transplant in 2012. Having spent his time in dialysis writing the definitive guide to labs-on-chips, and aware of an ever-increasing urgency to bring healthcare to the patient, Eugenio set about finding an elegant and effective solution to the problem. He teamed up with Giacomo, found support from several angel investors and the rest is history …

Except really our story is only just beginning.

dianax is no longer the passion of one man. It is the passion of a growing international team of experienced, dynamic and hard-working experts who, first and foremost, want to add value to the lives of patients by bringing healthcare closer.
They understand that for patients and their physicians, the ability to bring testing to the POINT OF NEED and to KNOW NOW is life-changing, cost-saving and, without doubt, the future of diagnostics.

The secret of our success?

Our People


Eugenio Iannone

Founder, Chief Technology Officer & Deputy Chairman of the Board

“Our mission is to give people living with chronic disease more freedom by…

Andrea Zanella

Chief Executive Officer and Board Member

“Our vision is to move healthcare diagnostics (screening, diagnostics…

Pascal Pouligny

Chief Marketing Officer

The diagnostics industry is on the cusp of a major transformation, powered by

Board of Directors

Two of our management team both sit on the board, Eugenio Iannone (Deputy Chairman) and Andrea Zanella. We are also indebted to the following well-respected executives in the venture capital and healthcare industries, whose support, advice and guidance has been invaluable in our quest to become the leading lab-on-a-chip diagnostics company.

It is not too late if you want a piece of the action and are keen to invest in the transformation of one of the fastest-growing segments of the in vitro diagnostics market. Visit Investors & Partners and/or contact our CEO for more information.

Clinical Advisory Board

Bringing key European subject matter experts together…

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*Products/devices are under development but not yet approved for use. For investigational use only.