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We welcome enquiries from potential new investors and partners in dianax, as we continue to raise funds to support the development and commercialization process.

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With dianax lab-on-a-chip, POINT OF NEED testing is becoming a reality and you could be part of its future.

Diagnostics in the palm of your hand … from a drop of blood to final results in under five minutes.

Microfluidics-based POINT OF NEED testing is one of the fastest-growing segments of the in-vitro diagnostics market and integral to the diagnosis, management and monitoring of many chronic diseases, including diabetes. Freeing people from endless trips to the doctor or hospital and empowering them to monitor their own health ‘on the go’ has the potential to not only change lives, but also improve patient outcomes.

Our aim is to capture a significant share of this large and growing market.


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“In 5 years, new medical labs on a chip will serve as nanotechnology health detectives – tracing invisible clues in our bodily fluids and letting us know immediately if we have reason to see a doctor.
The goal is to shrink down to a single silicon chip all of the processes necessary to analyze a disease that would normally be carried out in a full-scale biochemistry lab”

IBM Research

Numbers that pack a punch

Microfluidics-based POINT OF NEED testing is one of the fastest-growing segments of the in vitro diagnostics market:1

Our dianax lab-on-a-chip* technology and value proposition could capture a significant share of this large and growing market.


worldwide annual growth rate

$13 billion

the global value Microfluidic-based PoN tests market is expected to surpass by 2023

$11 billion+

spent since 2014 in fundraising, mergers and acquisitions

Chartering new territory


The future of sustainable healthcare is dependent on diagnostics. It plays a critical role in decision-making across the entire health continuum and sits at the heart of the ongoing healthcare revolution:

De-centralization & patient-centricity

De-centralization & patient-centricity

In order to allow the major re-organization of care delivery from hospital to home, we need patient-centric solutions, which support self-care and enhance the relationship between patient and provider. Patients want the freedom to KNOW NOW and conduct clinical tests exactly when and where they are needed, so doctors can intervene in near real time.
Integrated care

Integrated care

Healthcare providers are actively looking for integrated care solutions where partnerships between drugs, diagnostics, devices and mobile health companies offer more accessible and affordable care.
Digital health

Digital health

Digital health is changing the way healthcare is delivered, with the focus shifting from acute disease/emergency care to more effective management of chronic disease. By enabling self-care and self-testing, modern diagnostics can help to reduce hospitalizations, readmissions and length of stay while also supporting the transition towards a value-based care and reimbursement model.

We welcome new investors

A robust business plan and projections underpin an exciting financial opportunity to work with us in the run up to launch and our phased plan offers potential for a high return on investment.

The dianax board of directors, clinical advisory team, partners and investors are highly respected in the healthcare and venture capital industries. They passionately support, advise and guide us in our quest to become the leading lab-on-a-chip diagnostics company.

Current dianax funding is from business angels and private investors, as well as the EU’s research and innovation program, Horizon 2020.

Designed to facilitate ‘breakthroughs, discoveries and world-firsts by taking great ideas from the lab to the market’, the Horizon 2020 grant underscores the terrific potential of our technology in changing the face of diagnostic testing.

We welcome new partners

At dianax, we have a strong, ongoing culture of partnership with healthcare solution providers. Together we seek to innovate and exploit new technologies for the benefit of patients. If your organization delivers drugs, diagnostics, devices, mobile health, management or professional care, dianax could add value to your complete patient-centric solution.

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*Products/devices are under development but not yet approved for use. For investigational use only.

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