While dianax technology is not yet commercially available, our vision is to provide a suite of fast,
reliable and affordable diagnostic tests which meet the needs of patients living with a range of health conditions.

We are proud of our rich R&D pipeline. The following tests are our immediate priority but excellent progress is being made across a variety of potential applications:  

  • HbA1c for the screening, diagnostics and monitoring of diabetes
  • C-reactive protein (CRP) for the detection of chronic inflammatory states and upper respiratory tract infections
  • Hemoglobin and ferritin for the diagnosis of iron deficiency anemia, and monitoring of chronic kidney disease and chemotherapy patients

The dianax device* comprises a small disposable test cartridge that inserts into a main connector,
which in turn connects to an app on a smartphone or tablet.
It has been designed to be used anytime, anywhere,
by anyone to obtain and process accurate diagnostic test results, a vital part of chronic disease management.

Three key components is all it will take to KNOW NOW:

1. Main connector*

Connects to smartphones by physical connection or Bluetooth connectivity

2.Disposable test cartridge*

Will be color-coded and labeled per test (HbA1c, CRP…)

3.Smartphone app*

User-friendly interface

Disruptive technology in IV diagnostics

BioMEMS breakthrough technology has been developed on the grounds of specific requirements to address the many issues and unmet needs in POINT OF NEED testing.

A game-changer for patients

Miniaturizing protein-based tests into a mobile pathology lab means patients will be able to use them at the POINT OF NEED, providing all-important freedom and peace of mind.

A game-changer for physicians

Physicians will be better equipped to make more rapid and informed treatment decisions, confident in the knowledge that they are basing them on test results with a precision and accuracy equivalent to the lab.



  • ‘Sample-in / Answer-out’
  • Results available in just a few minutes
  • No calibration required
  • Many years of cartridge shelf-life at room temperature


  • Ultra portable
  • Resistant to vibrations
    (ambulance, helicopter)
  • Operates in a wide temperature range without compromising results


  • Very simple to use
  • No proficiency required
  • Affordable: No expensive instrument, no costly reagents,
    no hidden costs in accessories & calibration
  • Ideal for patient self-testing at home, home healthcare nurses, testing at community pharmacists, in the doctor’s office…

*Products/devices are under development but not yet approved for use.
For investigational use only. Design subject to change and further enhancements.