dianax is among the top 10 Alpine region startup companies qualified for the 2017 final of the Tech Tour European Venture Contest (EVC). A total of 105 companies applied to the event, only 40 of them were invited to pitch in front of international investors and corporate executives and the top quartile (best 25%) companies are qualified for the EVC Final which will take place in Dusseldorf on 11 – 12 December 2017. “This is an important milestone for our Company,” says Andrea Zanella, CEO of dianax, “a great recognition of all the work accomplished and an appreciation of the high-value and tremendous market potential of our BioMEMS lab-on-a –chip technology.” Tech Tour is one of the largest investor-oriented communities in Europe connecting entrepreneurs, investors and corporate partners from across the world. Over 2000 high-tech companies apply and 750 investors take part in 25 leading tech events held each year.